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The Fearless Flyer doesn’t fit neatly into just one category. Is it a newsletter? A catalog? A comic-book? Yes, yes, and perhaps even yes! The Flyer abounds with product stories that are at times fascinating and amusing. Beyond the intrigue and chuckles, our ultimate goal is to keep you well-informed about our products so that you can easily find what you want next time you stop in to shop. TJ’s Fearless Flyer is available in print (and online) eight times a year. You can have it delivered right to your door… for free!


Our Electronic Newsletter is like a personal butler—a virtual chamberlain, if you will—who takes no salary and shows up regularly (sort of) to alert you of all the vital Trader Joe’s stuff you just don’t want to miss—enticing recipes, food how-tos, upcoming events & contests, and even an early peek at each new Fearless Flyer. Share your email address with us and we promise not to buttle a lot of clutter to your inbox… we’ll only send the best Trader Joe’s has to offer, every few weeks or so!

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